you sat down gingerly in my chair

not quite ready

to settle in

not quite sure

how to begin

to share the things that hurt you

I don’t know why I’m sad, you said

eyes shining

with unshed tears

years of pain eclipsed the joy hidden

deep inside you

you closed your eyes

and took a breath

thoughtfully seeking

words that fit

to make sense of what you’ve felt

and voice your long-held suffering

I’ve never had a trauma

I actually live a decent life

the things that keep me up at night

are visions of

my failure

what’s my purpose?

am I just a waste

if the road I travel leads


I get scared

and think it would be better

if I end it

then tears did fall

as you came face-to-face

with relief and fear and anguish and hope

the words you spoke opened


for healing

Please reach out if you need to talk — Call your local help line. 
(in USA: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1–800–273-TALK)

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