Profit Fatty Moon Present Pimps and Whores!!!

Fatty do. You do. Then we all do do hahahaha!


To pimp or not to pimp?
God’s bodikin, man! Course I’m gonna pimp!
Tis better to be a living dead man than to die — you get my drift?
Ahh, the world is grown so bad.
See that gold Lexus outside?
Got it from pimpin’.
Here, share a plate of worms with me.
We’ll frog our sides and talk of whores.
Look around the room.
Pimps and whores is what we are, baring our birthright proudly on our buttocks.
Mark me well, I’ll not play the fool for no chump change.
Real money’s in beavers.
Face it, Jack — I was born to pimp.
Got a T-shirt says so.


To whore or not to whore?
That’s the question?!
You think I could maybe be a brain surgeon? Or maybe you think I should get my sweet ass to a nunnery.
Ever think I might like whoring?
I am proud, revengeful, ambitious, and with more offenses at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape,
or time to act them.
O sweet heavens, do look at the time!
Pray you, before I take my leave,
think on this — let my candied tongue lick your absurd frankfurter, and you’ll wonder why Germany ever lost the war.
Leave me now.