Blows on the Horizon

(the arrggghh you meant)

my point of view, you’re really not feeling it

— that’ because you keep talking like casinos keep dealing it

but i am on fire with a stance you must countenance

— then maybe consider using just a few consonants

it’s not like you’re quiet, you keep answering back

— i can not deny it, we’re both on looped track

then there, stop a moment, while you’re feeling agreeable

admit that your counter points are really quite feeble

— so what if they are, just listen to yourself

— you’re an old dusty book no one reads from that shelf

so now you insult me, it’s all come to that

— doesn’t each word you throw strike down like a bat?

but i didn’t hate you, i was trying to connect.

— if words were a virus, you’d gladly infect

you used to be able to talk and to listen.

— that’s when winning for you was a bit less your mission

then surrender, good friend, and admit you were wrong

— i’ll admit that you’re ugly and your bias is strong

i’d ask you to step up, but we’re already outside

— that’s right mr. smart guy, pick your punch in which eye

i didn’t say i would fight you, just simmer it down

— too late, ami, you brow-beat me to ground.

ahhh, you’ve done it yourself, you could have agreed any time

— but agreeing with you is like swimming in slime

how did this happen, we were talking about cars?

— guess we sort it all out, when we’re booked behind bars!

(and then came the punch — the first blow — what they each highly dreaded, knew was ultimately coming, and secretly had lusted a long time to throw)