The wind blows
Through my hair
I get it now
I really do
They use to say
that you first cry
and die
and then
kill a dragonfly
I did the first two
I still don’t get
The last one
I should
Just get over it
But I can’t
I can’t
Lose them
The wind is howling
The memory is painful
They died
And my memory repeats
They die
They die
I still feel the
The Pain
Will never stop
The car crash
She said that it wasn’t my fault
It was
I whined
I told them I
Hated them
I kicked the seat like
A five-year-old
I was
A five-year-old
I am ten now
I still remember
I cry
I die
I kill a dragonfly
They died
They die
Over and over in this
Endless memory
The Pain
The Guilt
The Depression
Are still there
I am sorry
They say it wasn’t my fault
That I didn’t make the ice come
I didn’t make it come
My last words to
Them were
I hate you
I don’t hate Them
They are dead

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