Last night I 'questioned'
About every bad decision, 
I have made;
Every bad option,
I have picked; 
Every breath that 
I took, 
I looked inside; 
The years
I have lived
Or simply existed, 
In the space
Amidst cobwebs of
Unquenched memories.

Amidst the hues and cries
Of screaming silence; 
A wound
I never knew
I had
Began to bleed.

“Your fingers possess
That special intuition
That stops my heart as
Naturally as 
Blowing out a candle"

The tension on your fingertips as
You make tresses on
Her ribcage in
The exact image of
Her hair-
That black waterfall.

Counting stars. 
Counting stretch marks. 
Putting 'questions' with-
Out 'question marks'.

"You talk about it
Like you care with
Expressions lacking trace of
Everyday life."


Hopes, promises, longings, 
Unreal, forgottten, frustrated.

So flaccid; 
So hollow; 
Not anything
I could feel.

I thought and 
I thought
Until I forgot 
What the question was!

Written in collaboration with Naina

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