“ANA20150929190042”. 15"w x 34"h. Don Winiecki/ANA

Restless, At Rest

Released from travel — through systems inside systems inside systems — arrival eludes reward.

Restlessly at rest in what seems a familiar place, awareness stubbornly resists.

Defying presence, no sound accompanies trees and leaves in the wind.

Pungent yeast of a bakery here, acrid exhaust of a street there — each expected, each not found.

Perhaps the wind has these too.

The sun — alive in its cloudless sky — idly passes without granting me a shadow.

I sweep my hand across the table top before me. It offers no sense of surface.

A familiar skyline offers comfort. Reaching out it rests in my hand — I cannot make it mine.

Pedestrians rush to make the light, brushing past me. I close my eyes — only absence remains.

I rise and enter the flow expecting to be swept along. Wishing to be swept along.

So much is here. So much is not here. I am among those things.

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