Rewind, Be Kind

Woah there fella, take a step back 
Set free that fly, keep yourself on track
Never thought I’d see the day outside tomorrow
But there she is, shining forward from sorrow
I tell ya what, I tell ya now
There’s a secret way to pray and bow
A hidden passage to know God’s heart
(Not so much hidden, as ignored at start)

Rewind, be kind
Double-take that deed
Rewind, be kind
Check again, do heed

It ain’t so hard, we make it so
We’ve made these waters hard to row
But why must we hither go?
Just take a step back, breathe, ya know?

Rewind, be kind
Show again some smiles
Rewind, be kind
Do good once a while

It ain’t ever hard to be that way
To show a little love, every other day
Even if you’re a cold s.o.b.
I’ll tell ya what, you don’t have to be
Go ahead and thump all your Bibles
Bend over to blocks, and beg to libels 
A funny thing really we always ask for more
But do we ever thank God, “but what for?”

For livin’ and breathin’, for seein’ that sky
For smilin’ and wavin’ to those passin’ by
You see it ain’t such a horrible thing
We’ve made it that way, to us do we bring
But I tell ya what I’ve seen the sunny side
I’ve peered across mountains, oh God what a sight!
You can fear for the morrow all ya ever want
But why not just be here, right now, why not?

Our lives like a movie watched and written by God
A play he perfected, oh what an audience applause! 
Don’t you dare now be afraid of anything
Like dreamin’ a little dream, every peasant and king
I’ll tell ya the point, I’ll tell ya all 
God plays every actor, and gives curtains a call 
To love and be loved, over and over again
Ain’t no reason to worry, just enjoy and begin

You bein’ here ain’t no mistake by chance
You’re needed for a purpose, to play and dance
The fun’s in rememberin’ from whence we came
From “here to here”, a journey all the same

Rewind, be kind
Lend out that hand
Rewind, be kind
A creed all can understand

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