Rock Hard Head

by m.s.wardrip

Pulling out of Union Station,
With a penyard on my head,
Never ever knew what was shaking,
Had a belay come bouncing down the dreads.

Hey! You’re a New World Wanker,
Driving around trying to figure,
Don’t you know? You will never,
Seek only the correct answer and it’s picture.

Aryan Tomboy meets tiny island princess, 
Slaps her into maximum desired shape,
Takes her by the waist and twists her torso,
So that she may sit upon upholstery with cellophane tape.

Elves sure didn’t come here to haggle,
No wager, so sensations, no light, no night,
Only negotiations, only relevelie, only renunciations, 
No, Walter, That’s Not the way it is. You are wrong and I am right.

steve wardrip

steve wardrip

Writer of Rumors, Gossip, Lies and Dreams — Maintaining 1000+ Stories! DONATIONS ACCEPTED — $12 PER YEAR — Suggested / Thanks! Enjoy!

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