Sail Away Her Sea

Prophets profess but doom and gloom
From dawn of day to afternoon
But oh, I say, there is no room!
For when in love, neither bust nor boom

Why wonder worries that “must” be so?
Escape this reality, oh row, ye row! 
Ride those torrents straight to from here
Outside such shadow, away from fear

No matter what happens live not in sorrow
Fear not the clock ticking to tomorrow
As when in love worry drools away
Keep eyes on she, our one doorway

I will say, oh I will say, love it is, it is the key
There is no other, not one nor another
Remember this is to be

I will shout, oh I will shout, hope there is for we
There is no other, remember your mother
Remember her wish for thee

I could tell you so, but I think you’ll know
When sailing away her sea

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