Today’s Focail do a Chara

Photo Credit Christine Salkin Davis


The drive is a breathtaking two and a half hours through

gold, red and green foliage on a sunny fall day.

The neighborhood reminds me of my childhood —

winding, hilly streets, and mountain views.

Rhododendron and dogwood trees surround the house and in the spring and summer

you can sit on the back deck and feel like you are sitting in a tree house.

The desk chair is black leather, comfortable, with large cushions and ergonomic padding.

And from the chair you can look out the windowed door and see

a dogwood in full bloom.

Cool mountain breezes blow in the windows and birds sing melody to serenade me as I write.

My dog Maggie sits watch at my feet, occasionally wandering over for a reassuring hug.

Candles, incense, chimes, and chants wait for me to call upon them in the


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