Shards of daylight rest
Upon a beleaguered sastruga

The paradoxical meditation
On what comes after

It all ends
At the dune of snow

Where white flecks muddle
Your concentration and

No one sees clearly
Through the mess of noise

But all make
Out a random pattern

Where each is special
Yet wholly insignificant

Until clumped together
To form the sharp ridges

Of glare and shadow
Which blind under

Extreme polarization in
Understated situations

When flakes are all
You have what

Can one do but
Ponder the dual nature

Of the singular flurry
And lament the

Difficulty that plagues
A trek across the summit

Beyond your tender
Limitations winding forever

Terminated before any
Lucidity melting to

A drip which flows
Between crevices

Of a mindful
White landscape

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