I fell off the bicycle when I was 4,
Leaving a scar on my right knee.
When tears rolled down my cheeks,
Chin up, kiddo, Mama told me.

Scars are common, you get ’em a lot
They are the indication that you’ve
Learned lessons in your life, but I was so li’l
That I didn’t understand anything at all.

But the one thing I learnt was this:
When riding my red an’ yellow bike,
If I’m careful, I’ll have less scars, I fall down less.
Hurray, I thought, I’ll never get scars no more.

I was always prudent since then
I never fell down nor got a scar again.
But, when I was 16, I still didn’t learn
How to ride my red and yellow bike.

As I went to high school, I found love
But it was just like riding a bike.
You fall down, you get scars, you cry
So I put up a shield so high.

The shield grew up with me, my defence
I was so heavily guarded by my own sentience.
When I was in my teens, I was the only one
With no scars to show, no stories to tell.

When everyone showcased their scars
Proud of the lessons they have learned
And how those scars have shaped them
Into what they are today,

I was the one who proudly said
I have never got any scars
But within me I knew what I was
Still that li’l girl who can’t ride her red and yellow bike.

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