Scream for Help

You’re all alone
In a dark wooded cabin
The power is out
And so is the landline
You’ve just stepped out of the shower
After having sex 
But your boyfriend has gone missing
And there’s a shape at the window
It’s Jason Voorhees
And he has a machete
And you know he’s going to use it
You turn to run
But now he’s right there in front of you
Maybe if you had a knife
You could fight him
But you don’t
Now all you can do
As he plunges his machete 
Deep in your gut
Is to scream
Even if no one can hear you
And so this is how you scream
Scream for help

It’s late at night
And the children have gone to bed
Now you’re all alone in the kitchen
Binging on potato chips
When suddenly at the door
There is a tap-tap-tapping sound
You go to see if it’s locked
When suddenly Michael Myers bursts through
You try to run
But your feet are glued to the floor
There’s no one else around
Time to wake the children
Maybe they can go for help
But it’s too late
A screwdriver is now lodged in your right eyeball
And all there’s left to do
Even if it’s no help at all
Is to scream
Scream for help

Lately, you’ve been depressed
Now, you’re in your house all alone
Watching scary movies just to pass the time
When suddenly
A branch brushes against the window
You jump up, scared
But it isn’t a branch at all!
It’s Ghostface, and he has come to kill you
Even armed with horror movie knowledge
It’s no match
You will be defeated
You try to run from death
But it’s through the window 
And driving a blade into the base of your neck
Blood pours out of your throat
All that’s left to do now is futile
You might try screaming
But that won’t do very much good now
With the blood pouring out of your mouth
You should have been better prepared
Because, now, it’s too late
Too late to scream
Too late to
Scream for help

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