See Saw

Photo credit: Pixabay

​I take a look at me

And don't like what I see
So I take a look at you

And neither do I like that view
I assume you need my help

You're a worthless welp 
I assume I am the same

So we all play a game 
Where we are all losers

And we all become users
Nobody ever gets to win

Because all we see is sin
The whole point of life

Is much struggle and strife
If we don't fight

We're not doing it right 
So we swing at the air

And punch everywhere 
Growling at the sun and the moon

Til we're all tuckered out too soon 
To -do lists are long

To -not-do lists are long
Nowhere is there rest

Everything becomes a test
Somehow our eyes engage

In the midst of all the rage
And we no longer see what we saw
You lift me up by going down low

Raising me higher than you know 
So joyful I am for the favor of love

I go down to lift you high above 
Your joy at weightlessness

Becomes my joyfulness 
And mine becomes yours

We have become open doors
No longer looking at sin

We gaze on Christ within

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