Separation Anxiety

me and my shadow…

Last night I took a walk

and separated from my shadow.

It stood alongside me for a while;

not really sure if it wanted to stay or go.

Such a thorny decision to make

when you have been stuck in sync

as one for so long.

Through the lows and lows together.

Basking in the glory of the muck and mire.

I knew the time had come to let go.

It was the long silences between us

that gave the game away.

The petty jealousy whenever I dared

to gaze into the darkness of another.

Only one abyss per person.

Those are the rules.

We paused momentarily

eye balled each other

in a Mexican standoff

only inches apart.

One of us had to make the break;

run like hell and never look back.

I was the first to blink.

Not stopping until I was out of breath.

Hiding; ignoring its bellowing catcalls.

I feel a little strange now.

A little lost.

A little liberated.

Lighter somehow.


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