Inspired by the music of Peter Gundry.

Is this not the temple of the Lord
Conceived thru the immaculate conception
Majestic womb from which every man enters
Does not every woman hold its sacred space

Why does man make a perversion
out of the sacred that holds ever true
life begins from within 
and comes out renewed

The entrance of the womb
erected by two pillars 
held high above the earth

Beyond the gates, the Temple 
Where life begins, souls enter
Blessed passage of the eternal

Before the den of the serpent one
Spiral base awaiting sacred rituals
Flames of love, sanctified passion

The ceremony of a union
two bodies become as one
two hearts intimately entwined

The throne of man, the key
to unlock the mysteries
of a sacred sexuality

Orgasmic yoga
Sacral plexus climaxes 
Conceive the child

— Dry Monkey

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