Sheep Mountain, revisited

Image Credit, Fran Woods

We bought the old place
for it’s reach to the woods
and it’s true…

one step from the door
and on to the trail that winds through the waiting aspen

is to enter the place
where the boundary awaits
where the rusted sign says
“please latch the gate” …
and hear the land speak
of unfinished days.

There’s a corner-tree there
back deep in the woods;
a spruce, near eight feet around
and girded by strands of forgotten barbed wire.

On the day
that the rancher and his boy
built this fence together
did he stand and look across

and loving his son
with each beat of his chest

know that this day

this sweet golden day

this bright manly day

what we do with our days

is like the clear river ?




Read. Write. Love the wilderness.

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Rick Chastain

Rick Chastain

Read. Write. Love the wilderness.

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