Shh…Books at Work!

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

How easy it is
to slip away or shirk,
all the responsibilities,
Of cleaning the muck
that makes up your room?
Of changing the sheets
that reek of gloom?
Of cleaning your desk
with books stacked sky high?
Of reading that subject
that repeatedly makes you sigh?

When all around
you are surrounded by the world
both Dystopian and Victorian,
and many unknown.
You pick one up
hope to just get a bite
but before you know it,
It’s already night.

You get so lost
in the world you see,
you never want to leave it,
It fills you with so much glee.
You never want to part
with the heroes of strength,
their hearts of love
which go to incredible lengths,
or, the heroines,
who are strong and daring,
unwavering in their sight,
setting the pages ablaze!
Their words and action
of bone chilling suspense
forever keeps you wanting,
for that little romance.

It’s a magical world,
where anything is possible,
so why on earth, would you want to leave it
to do something sensible?

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