Heavy black clouds emit
a lightning flash.
Boom of thunder lost
as a giant wave
crashes over the bow
onto the deck.
Ship shudders,
momentarily stops.
Men knocked off their feet,
swept across the deck.
Grab a rope quick
before life is lost.
Salt spray, stings skin
blurs vision.

Heavy rain, high seas
obscure their fate.
No hope, no escape,
straight onto the rocks they sail.
Wood splinters.
Sea rushes in.
Cargo and men washed overboard
into the beckoning sea.

Sun rises, storm has passed on.
Sky filled with pink and orange clouds, 
brilliant colours reflected in the calm sea.
Nothing changed except for half submerged ship
stuck upon the rocks. 
Bodies float amongst debris.
Who would guess how treacherous was the sea?
How two faced can it be?

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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