Silent Witness

There is nothing
you can say
that takes away
the sting
or the bruises

you can do
that diminishes the
though broken bones
will heal
some scars take longer

you can buy
will make her believe
you won’t
do this again

you try
pleading with
platitudes and
pitiful groanings

Claiming you have changed

But we have seen 
the evidence to the contrary
she has the 
even on her face

Neighbours have heard her cries
in the middle of the night
when you struck her
and no
it wasn’t an accident

Men don’t strike
their girlfriends
with closed fists
by accident

You’re a brute,
a bully,
a bastard,
and you called her 
your friend …
but you don’t deserve her
and she knows it

What you deserve
is coming
and you can’t do anything about it
no threat will stop them
no cajoling
no bargaining
no complaining 
no claiming
that you’re the victim

Remember that
Teddy Bear she brought home?
The one with the
funny eye?
It had a camera
in its head …
she knew it was there
but you
did not

Now she has the evidence
she needs
to send you away
for beating her
and you can’t do
to stop her

Your own actions 
have condemned you

by P.J. Amsel

For all those who have endured abusive relationships. You don’t deserve this; if someone is abusing you, they’re the problem, not you.

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