Sinking Feeling

Wind passes.

Moonlight glows.

Crickets sing.

I think of you.

Dew forms.

Stars twinkle.

Lightbulbs hum.

I am thinking of you.

Headlights filter through the blinds.

Clocks tick and tock and tick.

Walls stare solemnly.

I can’t stop thinking of you.

Where you are.

What you’re doing.

How you’re feeling.

I wonder about you.

If you’re happy.

If you’re safe.

If you need me.

I am missing you.

Smiling back at me.

Laughing along.

Giving me reasons.

I am thinking of you.

And I won’t stop.

Because I love you.

I always have.

I am thinking of you.

Are you thinking of me?