SLAM! (find a beat)

you are a taboo
everything that makes you

put your mind in prison
don’t speak don’t listen
your body in possession

you are difference 
abide by this ignorance
while the world suffer more for it

you’re born
before you can even decide
you’re torn apart inside
remade in an image
of woman less privileged 
inherent engendered

don’t start feelin yourself
make a meal of yourself
know the real of yourself

your pussy is a secret
except when he seek it
don’t you dare know how to please it
without a man to reap it

they’ll tell you
they’ll show you
until you never know you
until you lose what we can do
until they in control boo

what’s real is inside you and me and she
not what’s on the screen
not what’s defined by he
not what we are patterned to believe

why don’t our bodies define
our will
our dime
we decide what is shine
we make the world inside
one at a time
(or maybe two)

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