Sleep gently, my demons

Photo by Paul Johnston on Unsplash

Sleep gently, my demons

Sleep gently my demons,
For soon you must rage again.
Rest well through the lull,
For tomorrow you must be my storm again.

Sleep gently my demons, rest well,
For you must do war with the strongest.
You must assail the unassailable,
For such strength has the human spirit.

Sleep gently my demons, for soon
The midnight hour tolls and
You will need every ounce of strength
To not go gentle into that night

Sleep gently my demons, before the night,
For tomorrow, there will be ships to smash.
And from the timber of the savage torn,
New ones shall be built, twice as strong.

Sleep gently my demons, rest well,
For tonight you must cover the stars,
With a shroud of absolute black.
Extinguish into submission the moon,

Tonight you must vanquish,
The dying lamp of joy.
So that I maybe built anew,
Stronger and more resistant for the ‘morrow.

Sleep gently my demons, rest well,
For without you, what shall I overcome?
What will be the need for me to rise again?
What shall I grapple with during the long night?

Sleep gently my demons, rest well,
You must remain strong, behind me.
Push me forwards, even if just a bit,
For without you, there is no push at all.

You are needed, you cannot rest.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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