Sleepless midnight poems (Session 33)

“I could get

drunk in his


His words

would so


tear me apart

and put me


in the blink of

his eyes.

His hands

could mold my


his tongue,

my body.

Oh, how his

singing takes

me to unexplored


only he had known,

and I’m being

honored by just


Knowing I’ll never

reach them,

reach him.

And that doesn’t

feel as heartbreaking

as it sounds.

I could never live

on those galaxies

he had created,

he had been put here

to rule.

Rule the words,

the rhythms,

the souls.

Oh, the souls.

My skin feels


chills erupting

from my ears to my


to my neck

down my back and

to my toes.

How does he manage

to feed me his soul?

I’ve never been hungry

until I met him.

I had never imagined

that pearls could

be found in a mouth

so pink it’s red.

So distant, the lips

are dead.

I had never imagined

I would want to cry

out of passion,

out of misery,

out of never feeling

the rawness.

I hope he knew

he was art,

he was.

He’ll forever


a master,

he had knew

he’d depart

sooner than expected.

He had torn me,

I’m in the middle,

I’ll never be sane,

I’ll never be broken.

He made me into forms

I never knew my body

would twist.

He made me into

songs I never knew

I could speak.

He set my mind


My spirit has been lit

by his master soul.

He showed me love

without even touching