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soft fullness

I’m here 
I’m your Montana Blue
on the creamy back seat 
of your yellow 1965 Chevrolet 
holding cold plums and oval pieces of sugar 
wrapped in your mother’s tablecloth

in the last golden hour of the afternoon 
you came to me 
in a blue linen shirt 
hair tucked in behind your ears
carrying burned chestnuts
I heard a plane in the sky 
it looked like a bored bird

I see dust

you brought me 
a plastic, cerulean deer from the gas station
his wide antlers
covered in shimmering pieces of glitter 
he’s breathing in my hands

you brought me
a pack of old fashioned matches 
with a head of a silver wolf
you know I collect them
I put my hand inside the brown paper bag
fished out coloured candies
that looked like Arabian jewels 
against the face of the orange sun

I wonder
what makes people more alive 
besides knowing 
that somewhere out there
in the other part of town
someone is dying right now

I stuck my head out the window like a travelling dog
you stopped the car 
and bought strawberries from the old woman
the baby kicked in my stomach 
one strawberry at a time

For the child that was meant to be born on the 17th May.

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