Something beyond love

Out of all the poems you have read thus far
This one is something you cannot teach,
Like breath of air when anxious or a shooting star
It is hard to come by and impossible to reach

Like a spontaneous venture, without a doubt in your mind
It brings the tendency to laugh, smile and even cry
No matter the challenges and obstacles already aligned
It is something beyond love, and this is why

There is no accurate way to define this emotion
You can blame it on science, the planets or even each other
The bond is greater than anything,similar to what we call Oxytocin
It is sometimes unbearable but always true to it’s nature

With that being said I hope you now know
That love is beyond anything that can be seen or felt
That love is ambiguous and starts with a simple hello
Finally, that love is a form of transcendence

It is beyond explanation

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