Something New

From Google

Something new
within all the gooey-goo
Something new
within life’s contentious doo-doo
Everyone talks fast
while my ears are trying to last
Slow down and feel the beauty of conversation
Something new might arise from such revelation
distortion of sound, of fears
an awakening of pride, of fears 
As we ride on hope’s mighty road
it’s natural to expect some blows
Mom used to say “dear child, be bold”
but I don’t seem to follow what has been told
Whether we rise or fall depends on our state of mind they say
I got news for you: that’s not only how it all seems to play
Surroundings greatly stain
everything that you lose or gain
Something new
amongst the amiss
it’s never too late for an eventual bliss
all that is required is to reach matters’ gist.

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