Sorry Daddy

Abraham Offering Isaac by Caravaggio 1603 Uffizi Version

Disposable child, baby begotten 
Daddy mumbles to his feet, drunken
Told you I don’t want you anymore
All you do is remind me of what I should’ve done before

But my legs are too short to run away
my memory too short to remain that way 
I sit, I say 
Where shall I go, what shall I do?
With an overfilled diaper sticking me to the floor like glue

It don’t matter as long as you disappear
Away from my face, my memory, & my ear

But Daddy, Mommy’s dead
& I’ve wet the bed
Who will come when I need to be fed?

Should’ve thought about that before you were born
Before you chose us as your parents to wrong

Sorry Daddy, should’ve known before I took form
that you’d prefer me to be stillborn

You should’ve known, I’d prefer to be alone, me all mighty on my throne

Sorry Daddy, I’ll take my leave, I’ll take my life
to give you reprieve
I’ll let you be, sorry Daddy…
never meant for you to hate me

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