Speling Worms

Whylst righting worms up on a Paige

My speling wonders bessed it Cannes

Cross empty lynes whair furtile thawt

Diggs wholes sew deap with meening saught.

I’ve bean to plaices nun do no

Wheyelst thyme keaps mezure on the clough.

Prey Gawd May won day let me sea

How otters man age mower than mie.

I’ve dun sew much too make them floe

The pomes eye conn jure from the deap

My gratest fish is two make plane

To yew and yew that I am sain.

Let knot us awl bee sow in tent

On yousing rimes or meater phixed.

Ins Ted wee half two prays the yeers

Bye righting vearse just like hour piers.

© 2017 James Hanna-Magill

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