squirrel in the spokes

knew they were trailing me long before saw them

had secrets expensive to some

felt anyways like my run’d come autumn

was not in the mood to be gruesome

pulled over my slicker, acknowledged the morning

asked them to come join me for coffee

knew they had no sense the ends they were borning

just two guys who popped convicts like toffee

told them what they’d come for, said it just like I’d heard

dared them to leave it all be

but a target they’d seen in a tree, me the bird

was not a caged thing they would free

so we stared at each other, their eyes were weak water

and mine the stir sticks which make liquid much hotter

what can you do, when the world it’s not winsome

how long can you run when they’re out there

sometimes you just drag from your smoke and your dim sum

and reach out your cuffs to what’s not fair

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