Star Song

One year, we lay in the gravel road and watched the heavens rain
streaks of fire trailed across the sky 
as if all the stars themselves let loose to tumble free 
all helter skelter down on us, 
a pack of teens, stoned in the road,
watching, open mouthed and gaping
as the universe was reconfigured

Yet when we rose to walk home
the old patterns held
The Dipper
The North Star
The Hunter striding bold 
all lit the way familiar,
silent and eternal
above us all

We lay transfixed watching a mere scatter fall of dust
but the song does not remain
in cycles great and on a scale beyond our reckoning
new stars arise
new worlds born in fire and fury

Oh to lie in the road and watch galaxies
collide and pass through
to note that first dawn 
when fresh stars arise
to take their place

But what I wonder of the elder constellations, 
they who have wheeled and wandered round 
where do they off to when their turn is done
and what of tales spun 
retold again and again, 
will any look back so far to hear their echo

In the next eternity
who then will lie in field or road
lean back 
to watch the glory there unfolding
and what eternal flickering will light their way home

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