Starry Skies

The night is loud, its darkness bright
With the chaotic mayhem of a peaceful night
I gently sigh, and I wonder why,
As I gaze across the starry sky.

Innocence? Yes, I once knew it,
Joy, and hope, and freedom too,
My supply of those, I have run through it,
Leaving me despaired, forlorn, and blue.

But then a spark lights,
Then two -Hark!- A third!
Their consolation silent, not needing a single word
The ecstasy I hoped for fills up my mind’s eye
Mirroring my view of the starry sky.

I dust my weariness off myself, get up, and crack a smile.
I feel renewed again, have the strength to go that extra mile.
No matter how many times I flail & fall, I’ll get up again & try.
As long as I have you to look at, my starry sky.

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