Stealing Fire

Photo Credit — Me! Masai Mara, Kenya

I do my best thinking

When I'm linking

Ideas and actions

Creating ten x from just a fraction

Not when I'm sinking

To the bottom of the bottle drinking

Away my synapses

Watching the world through slow motion

Time lapses

Like I'm moving between the rain drops

Seeing where the universe starts not where it stops

And I conjour up illusory magnificence

Like a storm born penitent

Repenting and revealing

All the incredible things I believe in


Fire from the gods in the heavens above

Catching the flame and turning it to love

And in the blinking of an eye

Like the sun winking in the skies

I channel energy down and through you

Provoke these thoughts that want to move you

And it shouldn't rest on my words to need to prove to you

That I've got the truth that so often deluded you

Denuded you of these precious jewels that eluded you

How you chose ignorance because it suited you

Deep rooted in you there's immense beauty

You do things because you want to not because it's your duty

And that's the truth see

Don't need more proof, me

This energy's through the roof baby

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