Stop. Breathe. Live.

I’ve always dreamt of inventing a time-machine
and even detailed a potential design on my PC-screen.
I tried so hard to imagine what it must look like,
for my childish brain, it’s the best that could strike.

Learning things and killing dreams through a decade,
I realized it’s just stupid and let the idea fade.
A cognizance of murdered dreams killed me 
As I grew more mature, Now I find it only silly.

But today, I don’t intend to change anything now,
wondering how else would everything be such a wow!
The whole universe was left the way it was arranged
for the present state to be this beautiful to be changed.

I probe into the being of our Universe, so magnificent
And every time, I end up feeling so insignificant
Among the stars and vastness where their rays shine
Is exactly the fact that I love about space-time

The cosmos’s so beyond our reach, leaving us so helpless
I feel so caged and trapped, despite space’s infiniteness.
Thanks to our limited knowledge about what is around us
and what lies beyond, deep in the stellar cloud dust.

Right here, we don’t even qualify to be called a speck;
Our existence is nothing but a magic in such a wreck.
And yet! Somehow, it’s us! Breathing this air, drinking this water,
Bathing in this sunshine that animates all matter.

Such imperfections turned nature into this right place
Reminding us that finding beauty is but a child’s play.
All we’ve to do now is — Stop. Breathe. And Live!
For we’re a consequence of something brilliantly creative.

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