Strawberry Sunset

Walking home under a strawberry sunset,

I just got the call

time’s not long for mom now,

I’m standing in the wash

of the first wave of grief.

What’ll I do without my mom

to hold and say ‘I love you’?

Have I said it enough

in this tough, tough world?

I’ll take a chance and believe I have

I pray I handle the gift of grief well,

I didn’t last time when Sheila died,

Neither did my mom,

I don’t think she ever recovered.

At least you’re going to her now, mom,

and all your family that died.

I guess this happens us all,

I guess I’ll see you on the other side.

Take care,

take a piece of my heart with you,

it belongs to you,

release it like a blue butterfly

fluttering about the great beyond.

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