photo credits to the owner.


In a snap,
I’m awake
eyes dart on the ceiling 
blinking, seeking 
for wandering soul 
who left as it sees 
this being close for 

body remains still 
seeking for strength to rose from 
the warmth blanket brings
Guts finally sink in 
i sat up sitting on the corner
fingers fidget, clasping sheets ,
soft cloth

thoughts seem to be on-leave 
empty, a total blankness
there was in mind
Not thinking at all
…must’ve been the perks of bedridden

Throat dries
aching for something to sip in 
…a cola, good-choice
i aim to be up but the stairs, the room
must’ve been its entirety calls me,
whispering my name

asking for little lone time
unsure if i would like to give in…

eyes on the window pane 
staring blankly on swaying leaves and branches 
i did not notice just few meters 
must’ve trespass this lair

Aching to do something,
window… I want to shut close
yet couldn’t move an inch
my legs 
as if paralyzed…
it won’t move

lay down,
shut my eyes close 
ditch things again
…for another while.