if i am not enough to satisfy
your incessant attention seeking nature
and restless need to feel vindicated,
then taste my skin

you are my kin, you know it;
you are my queen and i’m your king,
but if i no longer fit your bill,
then simply taste my skin

the day we met a shockwave ran
down my skin, it’s bruised and burned,
not much sense left; you left me now,
just taste my skin

we flew in a hot air balloon
i held you close to me; my skin was close,
you never cared, now you will
never taste my skin

it’s not a sin, i know; it’s not even
a waste of time, i just want you to understand
that if you’re done and want to leave,
just taste my skin

taste my skin if you dare; my skin
won’t hurt you, i swear; my skin is yours,
my life is yours, but none you want,
just taste my skin

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