I am an old pro
at tetrising things
into boxes 
for the best
bang for buck.

If packing were
an Olympic sport,
I’d be a shoo-in
for the Gold. 
I should be.

I’ve only been training
my entire Life.

I can fit lifetimes
into a suitcase,
zipped tight and neat.
A collection of sand
from the coasts of Indonesia.

A layer of notebooks
padded with scribbles
on the back of cafe receipts.
A bottle of Hibaki 12 year 
full of Shanghai air.

Thread-worn sweatshirt
and good old Nikes

That have travelled
a good portion
of the world.
The last time I left,
They carried Vancouver waves.

Tomorrow, I begin
With someplace bright
and quiet — contemplations
Packed up with a dab hand.

I have lived, I am reminded,
everytime I play Tetris.

Memories that make
Dreams seem some
distant wandering,
Never quite 
as fulfilling.

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