Image by Darryl Willis Petit Jean State Park

Thank You For Story

(a prayer)

you did not begin with rule of law
but instead a narrated line
rather than start with how
or what you gave us why
it was as if the desperate need
was to connect and you understood
command to be subsumed by story 
imperative served the metaphor
knowing preceded doing 
and that required a plot

you did not send a dissertation
but wrapped yourself in fragile flesh
and became a parable
disclosure then explanation
and the plot had all required:
comedy, tragedy,
metaphor and poetry — 
a cosmic joke with a heavenly punch
where evil spends itself out
and lies panting on the floor

and we gaze in at its beauty
and complicated simplicity
but that’s not right
we could not gaze — you drew us in
immersing us and bathing us
now it is no longer yours 
but ours by your design 
and you will not rest until it is complete
the tale voiced and acted out
the only story ever told

Darryl Willis, 2017 May 4