Thanksgiving Poem

Today’s Focail do a Chara

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Set the table 
with love, 
prayers of gratitude 
for every person 
sitting here,

(even the difficult ones who voted for you-know-who).

Set aside,

(like the giblets)

the stench of arguments 
and entrenched positions.

Let the scents of turkey, stuffing, and pie 
mingle sweet and savory, 
bring forth moments of indescribable joy, 
even moments of deep disappointment, 
be grateful for all moments, 
all experiences, 
carved into this miraculously wonderful meal, 
graces upon graces, 
moments of forgiveness, 

Set the table with laughter, 
let smiles well up, 
let your grateful eyes see 
the sun sparkling on the still-clinging golden leaves, 
the wonder in the air, 
warm coffee kisses, 
hearty embraces, 
love swells.

Reap a harvest of hospitality today, 
let your senses be present 
to the warmth of friends and food, 
savor the smell of cinnamon, 
tart cranberry on your tongue, 
sweet words on your lips,
raucous chaos of barking dog and friendly greetings, 
plate of foods touching, 
tastes merging harmoniously, 
personalities also.

Set out a cornucopia of thanksgiving 
for the good and the bad 
that make up your wonderful life.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017

Originally published at on November 24, 2017.

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