That easy kind of love

It was comfortable from the start

You know?

That easy kind of comfort

Comfort, mind,

Not unmindful or lackadaisical,

Of the moon and stars but also of the Earth

The kind that feels like that moment

When you flop into your favourite chair

In the corner of the room;

The cosy one, close to the fire.

The kind of comfort that generates warmth

From the inside out and the outside in.

That easy kind of comfort

Not the kind tainted with expectations

Not the kind that feels too confident

That you are and always will be there

Not that kind of comfort

I want to be uncomfortable

With getting too comfortable

That kind can kill your passion,

Suck the colour from your love,

Leave you with less

Than fifty shades of grey,

Matter of fact embers,

Desperately clinging to the last gentle glow.

We’ve got the easy kind of comfort

Given off from steady flames

Accompanied by the sparks of freshly laid logs

Flames dancing easy like,

free, uninhibited

passionately rising and falling

Confident but not so confident

That it burns itself out

For lack of fresh tinder


We’ve got that easy kind of comfort

That easy kind of love

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