It was powerless, that thing between your lips
You see it burning from one end
But the other end is on fire instead
You gave it the power to fiercely eat you up
Don’t you feel the burn?
Don’t you feel the blackness accumulating inside you?
There is no escape, as the devil engulfs you
It draws you in as you draw the smoke inside
It gives you pleasure, a brief moment of relief
From the stress you carry inside your head
And you rely on this piece of lifeless poison
To give you better moments, stress free isn’t it?
It mixes with your blood, it drains the good
Not only you, but those around you suffer then
Human was considered smart, but here he is
A witless one, leaning over a lifeless support
Laughing at the puppet he has made of you
You don’t even know a simple maths
You let it subtract years for giving you those minutes
Did you feel the ache of your eyes?
Your mouth going dry because it has been sucked
Your lungs bleeding, Tired until they are
Trying to bear your relentless torture
Supporting your each day still breathing in
The less polluted air, for your children
Who think that their father is consuming
Something full of taste, that’s why you
Enjoy it so much, what answer do you
Have if any to look into those innocent eyes
The future of whom, in your hands was given?

Khushboo Dem