The Bare Feet

She walks bare feet
Across the hot sand dunes
Under the skies blue
And clouds in white and grey hues.

She’s dirty, hair messed up
Her figure covered in ragged clothes.
While models kill to become slim for a chance to walk on a ramp
She achieves this without effort, all she is is flesh and bones.
But in her heart, she craves the same desires
That a million others in this world holds.

In the age of playing with toys and balls
She is picking up rocks or looking for left overs
Stolen from her is her very essence
Her childhood now nothing but stalls.

When we are arguing who is the best actor
Or about that movie we watched last night
She looks into the sky counting stars
Knowing tomorrow would bring a new plight
Even in her tiniest heart, a mountain lion hides
And God she is fearless, she never goes down without a fight.

She is not alone in this, she knows ten others
But what she doesn’t know is beyond
The lands she can see, there are a million others
Just like her, starving, fighting, dreaming
The millions that we, very conveniently, choose to ignore
The million tiny souls crushed before tomorrow’s sun rises once more.

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