blue hour

Can’t place a finger,

a focal point amiss.

These emotions that swim forth,

override patterns existing.

A pack of cards,

how easy we collapse.

An island in existence.

Your waters came,

surrounded I became.

You fill me with heat,

an internal combustion from fuels so deep.

You creep on skin,


A leaf in harmattan,

a side by side sway,

as winds pierce ribs.

Assuage me soul,

these fires burn too deep.

Jericho fell down,

an inner turmoil which overcame.

They bleed to heal,

we bled and died.

We fallen,

Crashed on shore,

worn out by tides and rains,

a soulful defeat.

You came to me

an angel of the blue hour,

as I searched for warmth.

a cover for cold limbs.

whispers on skin sing,

fingers throb,

as we search uncharted paths.

Lost in delirium,

thoughts become incoherent.

Drowned in your eyes,

sinking in oceans deep,

fell a thousand feet.

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