The Caution Pedestrians

To run the rat race daily with cars and equestrians,
One must become wary of the caution pedestrians
They push their way eagerly through a maze of suitcases,
Walk slowly in the rush hour of monotonous faces

You’ll see them trudging their way through national parking lots
You’ll see them at the casino, working way past the slots
The caution pedestrians, they walk the straight and narrow
God, they look like something dreamt up by George A. Romero

To some, this disgrace, which has invaded our mighty land 
Should be wiped aside like a pebble blown across the sand
Against the caution pedestrians, gee, what should we do?
This menace to society, do you think we could sue?

Somewhere in the restaurants among the dairy creamers
There might be a law drafted by political dreamers
If it could only come to pass, they might erect the signs
Caution pedestrians someday then could pay tidy fines

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