The Cycle

via pexels

Rifts, come and go, 
Glories, come and go,
But the cycle continues;
Victory to thou - who tread
Along the path this cycle sprues.

Nights, come and go,
Days, come and go,
But the the time continues;
Life time to thou - who exist
In every moment this time brews.

Downs, come and go,
Ups, come and go,
But the journey continues;
Destination to thou - who keep
In the direction this journey ensues.

Chills, come and go,
Warmths, come and go,
But the spirit continues;
Bliss to thou - who preserve 
The spirit like the news.

Disbeliefs, come and go,
Dogmas, come and go,
But the consciousness continues;
Salvation to thou - who toil
To withhold this consciousness from dues.

Foes, come and go,
Friends, come and go,
But the fight continues;
Triumph to thou - who shall
Fight this fight undue.

— July 1, 2016

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