The Eager Eyes of a Boy

The boy eagerly looks into the stands
With full-fledged wandering eyes
Anticipating a moment of contact
with someone he can identify with
He solemnly gazes into the crowd
In an attempt to catch a glimpse of a familiar face
He meticulously scans every expression
From left to right then back again
Looking for someone to watch his every move
The boy places great importance
In finding a face that resembles his
All he wants is his Father to notice
His shining moments of glory while he’s in action
And to lift him up by his bootstraps
And serve first-hand dishes of encouragement
On silver platters when he fails
The boy is just that
A boy

Taking in the lessons of life
As they present themselves
He doesn’t know the game is played
On and off the field
And regardless of who’s watching
Give everything you’ve got
He doesn’t realize
Who he is just yet
He’s cut from the same cloth
That legends are made of
And in time he’ll see
That there’s no need to look for his Father
Son, your Father is always eagerly watching
I have always been here


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