The End of October

The end of October,
Leaves orange and red.
Three children giggling
As the night of the dead
Floats on a sunset, all orange and red.

Three silly monsters,
All fingers and toes,
Reaching for candy
In greasepaint and bows.
A wish made with chocolate,
A treat for the crows.

Pumpkin head smiles
As cellar door grins.
A star, faraway,
Hums as it spins,
While lengthening shadows
Shiver and grin.

Candy corn kisses
Drifting on moonlight.
It waits in the cellar
The three giggling guests.
Their cheeks like red roses,
The three honored guests.

Quietly hugging, the three close the door.
Beneath cellar stairs lies the damp cellar floor.
In the corner, a basket,
Just a basket, nothing more.
And it rocks, oh-so-gently,
On the damp cellar floor.

The end of October.
Leaves orange and red.
Three silent shadows
Dance with the dead,
As the sun slowly rises,
All orange and red.

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