The Girl Who Seduced Me That Day

Lust can be FATAL

I met the queen of my heart,
at a sleazy bar in New York City.
An hour-glass figure suntanned to perfection, 
flawless complexion without a single blemish.

Lustrous honey colored tresses surrounding a bewitching face,
sleeveless black top, punctuated with a plunging neckline.
Diamonds glittering from her natty navel,
low cut flowery jeans with flared bottom,
a simmering sensuality oozing from her veins.

Our eyes met,she gave a dazzling smile.
A surge of current funnelled through my body.
My senses went kaput, words dried in my mouth. 
A thousand horses galloped down my spine.

Things started happening a bit too fast.
Soon I found myself sitting next to her.
Drinks were ordered, our conversation became intimate. 
Volcanoes of lust erupted on both sides.
Our hungry lips slowly began to merge into each other……..

Suddenly, peals of laughter echoed from the surrounding tables.
A drunken voice rudely yelled at me,
“Hey dumbo ! That is a guy in drag.”
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