The Joker

In and out of your life whenever you desired, 
I was merely a pawn, in a game your heart conspired.

I held, I clung to and endless falling rope, 
Your moments of weakness, that I mistook for hope.

To see you smile, I would hide my tears and say something funny, 
It was too late before I realized that the joke was on me.

I kept going down the road, at every turn I waited, 
Now, I have become everything you always hated.

It’s too late now to make any amends, 
From friends, to something more and this is how it ends.

I still sometimes wonder, if you ever miss us, miss me, 
But the truth is, as you put it, we were never meant to be.

The pain would have been less had I known when to leave, 
I am left alone, yet again. This is how fate would have it, I believe.

I wish I could tell when my time was over, 
In the deck of your life I have been The Joker.

First published on my blog:

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